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At-Home Virtual Winery Tour

All slots for this event are filled.

The next scheduled event is the second Kawachi Wine Tour on Sun., June 21 starting at 14:00.


■Event Details■

Osaka Wineries Association New Program: At-Home Virtual Winery Tour First Tour: Katashimo Winery (Katashimo Wine Foods Co., Ltd.)


Like so many others, the Osaka Wineries Association has been hit hard by the effects of the new coronavirus pandemic, with the public encouraged to stay home and events having to be cancelled. Our annual Osaka Wine Festival, scheduled for April, is among those canceled events, wine sales are declining, and we are facing a range of challenges.
As an association of small-scale wine producers, we are exploring innovative initiatives to meet these challenges, and the first of these is a first-of-its-kind program for us, the At-Home Virtual Osaka Winery Tour.

Date/Time: Sun., June 7, 2020,14:00-15:15 (login accepted from 13:55)

Applications Accepted on: Our Facebook page (deadline for applications June 2)

How to Apply: From our Facebook page or by e-mail
Venue: Online (via Zoom)
Winemaker: Toshihiro Takai, Katashimo President and Osaka Wineries Association Chairman
Guide: Naomi Mori, Osaka Wineries Association Secretariat and Sommelier
Capacity: 15 people (1 person per slot)
Total fee: 5,500 yen (tax included) (amount shown on website excludes tax) (include cost of wine, shipping, and tour participation fee)
Wines: Recommended wines (2 or 3 bottles)
(Extra fees required for shipping to Hokkaido, Okinawa, remote islands, etc.)
Wine varieties: It’s a surprise – please look forward to their arrival.

Organizer and facilitator: Osaka Wineries Association
Seller: Katashimo Wine Foods Co., Ltd.


■Application Procedure■

1. Click the Join button on the Facebook page.

2. After you apply, the Association office will send you a link for ticket purchase.

3. After payment is completed, your wine will be sent to you.

4. You will be sent a Zoom invitation and participation guidelines no later than the day before the tour.

5. Please be sure to download the Zoom app. 6. On the day of the tour, participate via Zoom.



First tour: Katashimo Winery (Katashimo Wine Foods Co., Ltd.) President Toshihiro Takai As President of a winery in continuous operation for over a century, Mr. Takai is an “idea man” who develops innovative products while cherishing tradition. New products include Tako-cham (a sparkling wine that’s an ideal partner for octopus dishes), which embodies the distinctive charm of Osaka and was a hit at the G20 Summit. He is engaged in a wide range of activities as Chairman of the Osaka, Kansai, and West Japan Wineries Associations.


■Event Description■

Your guide is Ms. Naomi Mori, Osaka Wineries Association Secretariat, sommelier, and tour planner. Each time participants virtually tour one of Osaka’s wineries, each with its own distinct personality, and hear first-hand talks from winemakers. In the second half of the tour, it’s time to open the wine and enjoy drinking and chatting with other participants.


■How to Enjoy the Tour■

(1) The winery will send you recommended wines beforehand.

(2) On the day of the event, during the first half take a virtual winery tour, and during the second half hear a talk by the winemaker while savoring the wine that was sent to you at home.