Osaka has a history of winemaking for over 100 years.

It was suitable for viticulture due to its abundant daylight hours, a stable climate, and well-drained soil, and at its peak,

it boasted one of the largest cultivated areas in Japan.

Overcoming a wave of fast urbanization with land turning into residential areas that set in during the Showa era, the number of new vineyards using once abandoned cultivated land is increasing, and winemaking is being carried out using grapes that were grown in vineyards adjacent to the consumption area of Osaka.

Then, in June 2021, "GI OSAKA" was introduced as certification for the wine-producing area Osaka by the National Tax Agency. Only wines that meet several standards and embody the individuality of Osaka are certified as GI Osaka wines. Please enjoy these wines which evoke a feeling of the scenery of Osaka’s beautiful vineyards as soon as you taste them.

The meaning of “Geographical Indication (GI)”: Geographical indication of alcoholic beverages is a system that promotes the proper use of the name of the place of origin, indicating that it is the "correct place of origin" and that it was produced in a way that meets "certain criteria". The Commissioner of the National Tax Agency designates upon receiving an application from the place of origin. To receive the designation, it is necessary to possess clearly defined characteristics unique to the place of origin and to manage and maintain these characteristics.


GI Osaka Wine is manufactured and bottled in Osaka Prefecture using mainly edible varieties such as Delaware.

Speaking of Delaware grapes, Osaka boasts the third-largest production amount in Japan.


About raw materials


The list contains 36 grape varieties, including Delaware, Koshu, and Muscat Bailey A.

Only grapes that meet or surpass a sufficient level of sugar content are to employed.



About manufacturing methods


Every wine must be brewed, stored, and packaged in Osaka Prefecture.

The alcohol content should be at least 9% for dry and 4.5% or more for sweet wines.

There are also certain restrictions on chaptalization, acid supplementation, etc.




About quality 


The Geographical Indication "Osaka" Management Committee strictly conducts quality examinations

such as sensory examinations and indication examinations.

Only those wines that pass these examinations are certified as "GI OSAKA" wines.




Sensual Elements (about taste and characteristics)



Osaka's wines’ main constituents are edible varieties such as Delaware. Thanks to the long tradition and sophisticated technology of grape cultivation, the grapes that serve as the raw material for wine-brewing are fresh, beautiful, and of high quality.

The wines, therefore, shine for their concentrated fruitiness, mild acidity, and moderate umami, possess a pleasant aftertaste, and are easy to combine with food. In addition, white wines made from non-edible grape varieties have a rich and fruity aroma, a firm initial taste and a soft aftertaste whereas red wines possess a solid body, mellow aroma, and soft fruit note with moderate tannins.

Geographical Indication "Osaka" Management Committee

Address: Inside 2-9-14 Taiheiji, Kashiwara City, Katashimo Wine Foods Co., Ltd.

Osaka Winery Association Secretariat Phone number: 072-971-6334